About us

After a few years to discover life itself, fate has brought us together again with the project of a lifetime. Our professional luggage is now vast and specialized. From retail to management, from low-end to luxury, from sales to visual presentation, this has made us an even stronger team than in the past. 

Having been styling and working with Montréal and international elite families for more than a decade, Boutique LUC.S is now opening the doors to amazing designer creations. We intend to make you discover our endless passion for these unique items and make luxury affordable by our concept of second hand consignment. We pay particular attention to the choice of the items since our objective is to give a second chance to these beautiful pieces by relocating to the right wardrobe.

Looking for authentic, vintage, hype pieces? Our selections of clothes, shoes and accessories for both, men and women, are available on our website.

We are also pleased to welcome you to our showroom for a fitting session to help you find the perfect item for you by adjusting your online selection with our hidden treasures and suggestions.

Hoping to see you there!
Luc Dion & Claire Teasdale